Work Life

My passion for learning, communication, and teaching has taken me down the paths of graphic design, web coding, art direction and finally to project management. By working at all levels of the creative, design and development processes, I have the knowledge, empathy and skills to lead cross functional teams, drill down on details to clear up ambiguity and keep teams focused while addressing long term goals. I’ve had to work within strict government regulations, stay alert to safety issues and risks, handle sensitive information and support morale, discipline, and career development on my teams. I am PMP certified by the Project Management Institute, and have worked with waterfall and Agile, critical path, Kanban, scrum, AAR, and rolling wave planning among other PM techniques. I enjoy helping everyone I work with feel valued and respected while pushing them to be their best.


Since childhood I’ve been involved in health, fitness and martial arts training. My formal studies began with weightlifting at 13, kenpo at 16, continued with aikido and tai-chi before settling on Chinese Boxing at the age of 21. For 15 years, I taught Chinese Boxing and Krav Maga self defense at the Krav Maga San Francisco training center. For 17 years I was a health and fitness instructor at several gyms in downtown San Francisco. I’ve acquired a Blue Belt teaching credential in Krav Maga, a 4th level Sifu credential in San Quan Dao Chinese Boxing and certifications in the functional training tools TRX Rip Trainer and TRX Suspension Trainer. These days you might spot me giving free lessons to co-workers, doing archery, swinging kettle bells or TRX’ing with my wife in the park. I also grew up drawing, painting, sculpting and printmaking, went the to Academy of Art College for Illustration, and continue to practice drawing and photography.