Energetic, supportive and thorough project team leader with a track record of successfully delivering solutions to business problems, from the common to the complex. PMP certified with 15 years of experience in leading projects and helping organizations with change management and process improvement.

Project management experience in the domains of brand development, business development, software system design, marketing, content development, and more. Verticals include health, security, property, events, software, spirits and cannabis.


“Peter is diligent, creative and committed. I don’t think I’ve ever heard him say ‘no’ to a challenge. He’s been a tremendous resource… most importantly, he holds himself and those around him to very high standards!”

Swayne HillCEO, Cloud9 Analytics

“Self-driven, supportive of his coworkers, and dedicated to finding solutions, Peter’s adaptability amongst a variety of work needs is one among many of his strengths.”

Brady FreyCOO, Bently Enterprises