One of the first projects assigned to me at The Hybrid Creative called for a redesign and recode of Sports Basement’s equipment rental service. The prior method was hosted separately and controlled by a 3rd party developer that had become expensive and unreliable. We were brought in to rebuild the app so that it was integrated into the Shopify plus platform and could be easily maintained by the Sports Basement team.

Activity Breakdown

Project Management
User Experience
Development Oversight

User Flows

Product Detail

Working closely with the Sports Basement CTO and the Director of Rentals, contract developer Reavis Sutphin-Gray, UX designer and front end coder Chris DaSie and I helped the Sports Basement team design and build the next iteration of their rental app. The new app was integrated with a pricing matrix editable by their staff and the EasyRent fulfilment application. Early steps included user flows and wireframes in collaboration with the client team.

The process of renting required many choices and options to be available, plus connecting with user records storing data relating to clothing and equipment preferences for themselves and other family members. After the first round of design and code for Sports Basement, we were then asked to help port it over to a new rental service site called, focused on ship-to-home only.

You are bringing an incredible amount of clarity to our clients and I appreciate it… Perpetually impressed by you!