I joined the efforts of this merger as it exited months of stealth mode, went through public launch and post launch activities and began launching joint products. This was one of the most complex and dynamic environments I’ve ever worked in. Throughout the process our small team worked with dozens of internal partners and stakeholders, design agency partners, a translation agency, merger team partners, and Deloitte consultants. Right after launch, we switched to a new design agency and began to design the next couple iterations of the site and customer support tools. Working with the Lilt localization service, we translated content to Chinese, German, and Korean and prepared to release content in several other languages as well. Our site was built on the Adobe Experience Manager CMS and digital asset manager. The site product pages integrated AEM components with PLM data from Intel systems, and will eventually integrate with a unified PLM system for all new products.

Activity Breakdown

Content Management
Project Management
Process Improvement

Home Page

Publishing System

At the same time, our team was getting ready to receive 1000s of documents and other intellectual property related to the the SSD products purchased in the merger. Multiple workstreams from Intel, Deloitte and SK hynix began to come together in pursuit of a unified customer experience across the 3 product lines. I had the pleasure of working with some great people from the Intel M&A team, who coached us through their process of screening and handing off all related product support materials. Together we identified useful metadata schemas, tools and practices to bring forward into the new venture. At the same time we had an opportunity to unify and simplify the product content process. I helped  my team set up content management and publishing workflows in Asana, established collaborative content creation processes with Sharepoint and MSOffice, sprint plans and retrospectives, and translation workflows and quality control processes. Moving forward, Solidigm can leverage these tools and practices as the TSA period comes to a close and they build their own identity.