The Bently Holdings property management team needed a convenient method to intake requests from tenants and coordinate their efforts with the Engineering and Security teams. They also needed to maintain good documentation of issues and their resolution. To this end, I led a small team in producing a trouble ticket and access control system connecting property, security, and engineering teams with tenants.

Activity Breakdown

User Research
Requirements Writing
Development Oversight
Testing and Rollout

Tenant Request

Access List

Tenants App - Add and edit people

Tenants can log in, post a message and have their issue resolved with coordination from the property manager, who can also connect the ticket with security and engineering team members as needed. Tenants were given the power to grant or deny access by submitting names, schedules and notes to a list viewed by the security team. One building in particular has high traffic including a lot of visitors to law firms and the BAR Association, making it crucial to control access and maintain a virtual paper trail.

Working closely with the property management, security and engineering teams and the tenants themselves, I led the user experience design, the implementation, QA testing and finally the training and launch of the product. Using a responsive front end code framework called Foundation, we delivered the app to desktop, mobile phones and tablets.

“Peter was a joy to work with… he is a great communicator and always level headed, funny, empathetic and whip smart. He helped our department in innumerable ways, including but not limited to overhauling our proprietary software and improving our tenant relations via the ticketing system.”