Krav Maga is one of the most effective self defense systems being taught to civilians in the world today. To live up to this level of excellence the Krav Maga San Francisco website was in need of an upgrade. In 6 months before taking over the project, the site was down over 30% in new and overall users, sessions were down over 20% and there were no clear funnels for marketing and sales conversions. The look and feel was outdated with old photography and had become a mixture of fonts and colors. Maintenance was manual and displays of content were not connected, such as class schedule and seminar announcements.

Activity Breakdown

Project Management
Content Strategy & UX
Marketing Automation

New Home

Old Home

We started with a full review of goals, programs and content strategy. I edited and rewrote most of the copy on every page of the site. Then I created a new class section with punchy (and kicky) descriptions, and a new seminars section that clearly defined the different types of self defense, fitness and kids programs on offer. Using WordPress categories in combination with theme logic, we made it easy to keep seminars easily updated, and with links to the payment system for a complete end-to-end marketing and conversion funnel.

New Class Page

I couldn’t have done it all without the help of Krav student and photographer Sergio and contract web developer Buko. Sergio organized multiple photo shoots and shot a lot of great material himself. Together we built a pipeline of content for new programs, social media postings and ads. On the web development front Buko was there the whole way, helping with theme customization, connecting to payments, and integrating the calendar among many other duties. Sergio continues to support the marketing effort with excellent social media videos showing the fun, dynamic atmosphere of KMSF.

Within 6 months post launch of the redesign, the site began to gain back and exceed its prior performance numbers, gaining over 30% new and overall users, up 25% in sessions and page views and dropping in bounce rates. The ownership and staff can easily maintain and extend the site with the modular theme, landing pages, category hierarchies and blog setup. KMSF just celebrated its 20th year anniversary, and I’m proud to be a part of its continuing success. 

“We love the way the new site looks and works now. Its also extremely clear and easy to use, just like Krav Maga!”