The founder of Beyond Fitness came to me at the beginning of the pandemic at a time when fitness professionals needed to quickly adapt to restrictions on in-person coaching and find new ways to market themselves and deliver services. We took some immediate steps to update the current web presence, wrote a supportive, inspiring message to clients and got to work building out the rest of the services and messaging channels.

Activity Breakdown

Project Management
Content Strategy & UX
Marketing Integration
Vendor Management

New Home

News Page

A prior site had not been updated in too long, the hosting service was difficult to work with and we needed to take back control of assets from 3rd parties. While we went through a creative brand strategy exercise, we took control of hosting and domains, and started building out a new WordPress site at my favorite premium service WordPress hosting service StackAAS.

We worked with brand strategist and designer Simone Bessa Ravel to hone in on the market, the positioning of Beyond Fitness, and finally to build out a logo, palette and style guide to meet the strategy.

Landing Page

Now Beyond Fitness enjoys a new look and a new CMS website with a highly flexible theme and integrations that support marketing campaigns and help close the deal. Here’s a few of the tools and assets created for this project:

  • Email marketing integration with Mailchimp. 
  • Social media channels integrations: Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn. 
  • Landing pages, conversion pages, gift certificates. 
  • Year’s worth of blog posts on themes of resilience, physical health, mental health, nutrition.